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  1. you say not contact on odesk or odesk messenger not over here than where the hell we speek just let me know

  2. Please let me know where could i get my salary for submitting 1,000 websites on your directory. My username is bangkokonly. THANKS

  3. Your job description is everybody who could finish the job will get hired.

  4. We checked into the Odesk issue for you. You were never hired by us, we have your application but you never got hired. You can not start working until you get hired. We also not approved all your submission this is another thing. We need to approve them before payment IF you were hired. I am sorry that you spent you time on this but you really need to learn more about Odesk before working there. Unless someone is hired you do not get paid, we never promised you money outside Odesk not did we say you should start working.

  5. Odesk informed me now that you have no active contract on your job posts to them. So they advised me not to work on clients who have no active contracts on their agency like your company.

  6. I relied on your job postings coz you said “We will hire EVERYBODY who can do this so this is a PAID work”